5 bar TRIOL M 500HP

Universal dual-fuel conversion kit TRIOL is based at proven and reliable accelerator pedal sensor (PPS) emulation principle. ( how does it work?) ).


Universal dual-fuel conversion kit TRIOL 24V basic features:
  • Designated for heavy duty trucks and buses with 24V power supply and engine power up to 500h.p.
  • Can be used at any vehicles with electronic accelerator pedal sensor
  • Diesel fuel substitution coefficient is 50-65%, i.e. your vehicle consumes 35-50% of initial diesel-only fuel consumption 50-65%.
  • 1 liter of diesel fuel is substituted of 1,2-1,4nm3 of CNG. For example, if you have had 20L per 100km diesel-only consumption, so after conversion with substitution coefficient 50% (see previous point) you get 10L of diesel and 12-14nm3 of CNG per 100km.
  • Equipment lifetime 20years

According to our company core principle “Safety at first”, our dual-fuel TRIOL control unit has well-developed safety system

In case of one of important parameters exceed its limits, TRIOL control unit automatically cut CNG supply and switch engine back to diesel-only regime, disregarding moving or standing vehicle. Switching to diesel (and also switching to dual-fuel) passes so smoothly that driver can detect it by indicator and engine sound changing only.

Parameters monitored by TRIOL safety system.
  • Pressure regulator temperature
  • CNG pressure low side (after pressure regulator)
  • Injectors temperature
  • Turbo pressure sensor reading
  • CNG pressure high side (before pressure regulator = cylinder pressure)
  • Control unit temperature
  • Exhaust gases temperature
  • Injectors harness short-circuit and break
  • PPS sensor reading
  • RPM and speed sensor reading


TRIOL Universal dual-fuel conversion kit consists of premium-quality reliable components only. Conversion kit core – TRIOL control unit is made in Germany, injectors and pressure regulator are supplied by famous South Korean company HANA.

24 V TRIOL Universal dual-fuel conversion kit components:
Рейка с форсунками 24

Rail with 3 or 4 high-performance HANA H2200 injectors with 24V power supply, total CNG supply up to 350nm3 per hour. So abundant supply is necessary for engines with widely fluctuation loads, like mining heavy-duty trucks for example, having average consumption 50-60L per 100km they have instantaneous load up to 600L per 100km when climbing up from the mine. Less CNG injectors performance results in engine power shortage (that is unallowable) or less diesel fuel substitution coefficient. There is thermistor installed at the rail for injectors working temperatute monitoring. Because of higher working pressure, connection between rail and pressure regulator is made using thread joint hose instead of conventional clamps. Made by South Korean HANA.

Редуктор Hana

High-performance HANA pressure regulator with embedded high-pressure sensor and speed valve for gas flow cut-off when abnormal pressure drop at pressure regulator low side.
Made in South Korea.


Control unit. Working temperature -40 …+85, IP69, produced under ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949, safety standards IEC-68-2-ХХ, ISO-11452-5, ISO-7637-1&2,EN 55011, EN 61000-6-2. Made in Germany.


Power electronics unit: injectors driver. Al box design for high heat dissipation. Working temperature -40…+85. Protection class IP69.



Pressure regulator low side pressure sensor.


Exhaust gas temperature (EGT) sensor.


Diesel-only/dual-fuel regimes switch combined with CNG storage indicator


Wire harness for heavy-duty vehicles and buses special design.

Additional equipment (additional charge)


High-end hose with thread-joints fittings for pressure regulator and injectors rail connection, pressure up to 20 bar. Used instead of conventional 3-5bar hose with clamps.


Conventional manometer


High-pressure diam 6 steel tube, nuts&ferrules, T-connectors, pressure gauges and other high-pressure accessories.


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