TRIOL dualfuel HD

Composition of gas-diesel set ‘TRIOL’ Basic version

Component name Trademark Country of Origin Quantity
Reducer with shut-off valve 24 Volt for high pressure pipe 8 mm Tomasetto Italy 2
Rail of injectors IG6 Taurus 5 pieces RAIL Italy 1
Combined MAP sensor (pressure and temperature) gas Sensata USA 1
Platinum flue gas temperature sensor Sensata USA 1
Mode switches СЗР Russia 2
Reducer temperature sensor CNGG China 1
High pressure gauge with sensor/td>

CNGG Китай 1
Fuses CNGG China 2
Indicator of operating modes and gas residues in cylinders CNGG China 1
Cable harness TRIOL Russia 1
ECU TRIOL Russia 1
Воздушная заслонка BOSCH Germany 1


Short description

Gas-diesel set ‘TRIOL’ in HD version provides 60-70% displacement and gas supply up to 40-45 Nm3 per hour. Suitable for heavily loaded engines up to 500 HP and vehicles with a load of more than 20 tons, driving on public asphalt roads, mainly in flat terrain. It can be used for heavier loaded vehicles with loss of degree of substitution. The air damper results in a reduction in gas consumption of approximately 20% and a slight increase in the replacement ratio.


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