What do we offer

Conversion diesel engine to work completely on gas

Maximum savings in fuel costs 30-50%. The best for environment. EURO 4 without catalysts, EGR and SCR

Installing dual fuel equipment “turnkey”.

Your car engine can run on two types of fuel. When the gas comes to an end, you can continue driving on diesel.

Saving on fuel costs – 20-40%.

Sale dual fuel equipment (TRIOL trade mark)

We are a Russian manufacturer of dual fuel equipment. Start your business with us to install gas-diesel equipment in your area.

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Our dualfuel solutions

TRIOL dualfuel BASE

Gas-diesel set ‘TRIOL’ in the basic version provides 60-70% replacement and gas supply up to 20-23 Nm3 per hour. Suitable for engines up to 420 HP and vehicles with a maximum load of 20 tons


Gas-diesel set “TRIOL” in a simplified version provides a replacement of 50-60% and gas supply up to 10-15 nm3 per hour. Suitable for engines up to 200 HP. It features a very low price and easy installation.

TRIOL dualfuel HD

Gas-diesel set ‘TRIOL’ in HD version provides 60-70% displacement and gas supply up to 40-45 Nm3 per hour. Suitable for heavily loaded engines up to 500 HP and vehicles with a load of more than 20 tons, driving on public asphalt roads, mainly in flat terrain.

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Forward planning

Vladimir Bedrinets

Chief engineer

Aleksei Kulakov


Kate Glumova

Hardware department

Roman Chiknavaryan

Engine department

Alex Abakumov

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(Русский) ООО “КГМТ” получило важный патент на способ конверсии дизельных двигателей на 100% газ с использованием форкамеры

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(Русский) К вопросу о газодизельном KOMATSU HD 785

(Русский) В последнее время поступают позитивные сигналы о том, что похоже история KOMATSU в России не закончена. В связи с этим , для всех заинтересованных лиц сообщаю…

(Русский) Серия газодизельных SITRAK с роботизированной коробкой передач

(Русский) Газодизельный комплект TRIOL, устанавливал Челавтотранс. Установка баллонов на полуприцеп и тягач одновременно.

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