10 reasons to install dual-fuel system to your fleet

1 Good saving.
Dual-fuel engine efficiency is slightly higher comparing with initial diesel engine, so each saved diesel fuel liter is substituted by 1nm3 of natural gas.
With 70% of diesel fuel substitution and diesel fuel price in 1$/liter, natural gas price 0.4$/nm3 cost saving is 42%
2Low capital costs. Dual-fuel installation is 5-10 times cheaper comparing with price difference between new CNG vehicle purchasing and new diesel vehicle purchasing.
For example, diesel fuel installation for small bus costs 3500$, while price difference between traditional diesel small bus and the same CNG small bus is 16 500$
3Longest mileage available. Because of with same diesel fuel tank remaining your got additional CNG cylinders, because of lower CNG consumption, because having possibility of diesel-only regime you can run CNG cylinders empty (disregarding CNG-only vehicles).
For example, small duty vehicle has 60L fuel tank and 500km mileage. With 145 L CNG cylinder installed mileage is 800km.
4Engine parameters unchanged. Power, torque / rpm curves remain the same


5Multifuel. You have diesel-only and dual-fuel options available any time. Disregarding CNG-only vehicles, no fear to run out of CNG and calling technical service possibility.


6Shortest installation time Dual-fuel system installation time is 1-3 days only


7Low ownership cost. Disregarding CNG-only engine, dual-fuel engine is the same initial diesel engine actually, with the same spares and the same maintenance procedures. CNG-only engine is a kind of craftwork with expansive spares.


8Diesel injectors longer lifetime Diesel fuel volume passing through injectors is more than 2 times less, so negative influence (erosion, plugging) to injectors is less also.


9Easy reversibility and easy-to sell. If and when you decide to sell your fleet, you can easily convert vehicles back to diesel-only if necessarily. You can sell removed dual-fuel equipment or install it to another vehicle. .


10Easy leasing. In a real life leasing companies don’t like to work with CNG-only vehicles because of limited market and difficulties with selling them in case of payment stopped.
You can lease quite standard diesel vehicle, convert it to dual-fuel and in case of necessity convert it back to diesel-only and return to leasing company.