5 reasons to convert diesel engine to natural gas

1 Best saving. With diesel fuel cost 1USD per liter and CNG 0,4USD per 1nm3 and substitution 1,2nm3 =1L, your saving achieve 53%


2Never ever diesel fuel stealing. . Forget about complicated and expensive diesel fuel metering systems and quarrels with drivers. All those troubles are in the past now. No diesel fuel – no problem!


3Your vehicle will start in any cold weather. . You can leave your vehicle with engine off and listen your colleagues stories about diesel fuel bought at reliable fuel station got frozen. No diesel fuel – no problem!


4No worry about fuel quality. Eternal drivers dilemma: to buy cheap fuel and pay for injectors replacing later or spend money for expensive reliable fueling station does not bother you anymore. No diesel fuel – no problem!


5Eco-friendly emission. CNG engine exhaust gases contains less harmful emission comparing with diesel engine and yield to electrical and hydrogen engines in this issue.
Normally CNG engine has Euro-4 class without carbamide and EGR, with adding of special catalyzer it is possible to get Euro-5