Dual-fuel Shacman – CNG storage transporter (Belarus)

Belarus is a nice country where storks, crystal rivers and pine forests go along with good-natured and gentle people. Only one disadvantage, the lack of our dual-fuel system is now liquidated.

All interested can go to AutoCaravan company, our partner in Belarus, who have successfully achieved our dual-fuel TRIOL system implementation.

Below at the picture is their first vehicle, dual-fuel tractor truck Shacman.


From the technical point of view no any difficulties: we have successfully tried our high-performance TRIOL 24V system with interface to Cummins engine, 5 CNG cylinders type 2 installed behind the cabin..

Below at the picture installed CNG injectors rail.


Client intends to use dual-fuel Shacman as CNG storage transporter, so vehicle is fully equipped for dangerous freight transportation according to European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). It has orange rooftop light, flame suppressor, grounding connection etc.

Unfortunately the CNG storage was not ready yet so we could not test truck with full load. Truck only without trailer tests resulted in 62,5% substitution coefficient (23,1L/100km of diesel fuel in diesel regime and diesel 8,65L + CNG 19nm3 in dual-fuel regime).