SCANIA P380 — dual-fuel mining dump-truck

Open mining normally requires big expenditures of diesel fuel, those expenses is sufficient part of production cost, sometimes up to 20%, which fact added to huge diesel fuel expenditures per one truck (up to 1000 l/hr peak when climbing up from a mine) creates good conditions for dual-fuel systems implementation.

But saving is reasonable only in case if dual-fuel truck parameters match strict requirements to mining vehicles:

  • Power and torque not only must not decrease but also torque continuity must be provided.
  • Long-time 100% power regime. When dump-truck climbs up with full-load under bad road conditions engine 100% power is required during long time (disregarding highroad truck where 100% power is required while short-time overtaking
  • Hard climatic condition: from -40 to +40 is quite a standard, added to high dust concentration, sometimes high-abrasive and electrical current carrying (like coal dust)
  • Accordance to standard refueling procedure: mining truck works 24×7 normally with 2 driver shifts. Refueling is possible when shift changes which results in 12 hour continuous work requirement
  • Serious accident happens, including roll-overs and serious damages of whole truck, so any auxiliary equipment must have enhanced survivability and double-triple safety circuits

In order to test our TRIOL dual-fuel system as ready to work under hard mining conditions, we installed it to SCANIA P380 dump truck

SCANIA P380 parameters:

Engine DC12, 6 cyl, inline
Power 380 HP
Axle configuration 8х4, 2 turn bridges
Full weight 44,000 kg

CNG storage system
Triol system brief description.
Test results.