LPG dual fuel engines

Сonverted to 100% LPG diesel engine – is it possible? Some time ago it sounded fantastic, now it becomes reality and quite profitable reality.

There is more than 1,1 mln. LPG vehicles owners in Russia, all of them save a lot of expenses using LPG instead of diesel fuel or gasoline. LPG fueling station network consists of more than 2000 station throughout all Russia.


  Join the society of clever vehicle owners and start to save your money! 


How diesel engine can use LPG?
How much can I save ?
Where can I fuel my vehicle with LPG?
What is LPG price forecast?
How actually go about diesel to LPG conversion?
Will diesel engine characteristics change after conversion to LPG ?
Nobody cares about emissions here in Russia. But may be… ?
Prices and time periods.