Dual-fuel long-haulage Scania R380 test report.

Test was performed at the legs Saint-Petersburg – Moscow – Saint-Petersburg round trip. Scania was loaded by container trailer with 40’ container and 3 ton load inside at first leg and no load while coming back. Outside temperature 0…3 degrees, trip period 11-13.12.2014, trip full length 1462km

Client company representative was present in cockpit throughout all trip. At the same time similar diesel only Scania equipped with remote fuel metering system performed the same trip.

Dual-fuel Scania was fueled in full before the start. Diesel fuel consumption was measured using fueling stations meters, CNG consumption – using CNG fueling station meters. The rest of diesel and CNG was measured at the end of the trip by fuel level in the tank measurement and press gauge respectively.

Diesel fuel cost was 31,15 ruble per liter, CNG cost varied from 13,6 rubles per nm3 to 14,90 rubles.

Test results ( substitution rate – 62%, financial economy – 22% ):

Dual-fuel Scania Diesel-only Scania
Diesel fuel consumption, Liters 185 438,6
Diesel fuel expenses, Rubles 5762 13662
CNG consumption, nm3 338,9
CNG expenses, Rubles 4816
Fuel total expenses, Rubles 10578 13662
Fuel total expenses, Rubles 10578 13662
Diesel fuel consumption per 100 km, Liters 10,8 30
CNG consumption per 100 km, nm3 25,2

One of the fueling station at the middle of the trip charged 170 bar instead of 200, so we became out of CNG while going back and 122km we went using diesel only. So clear dual-fuel result would be better even.