Dual fuel Mercedes Actros special trucks

Passenger cars transportation from factories to sales is important and responsible task and we are proud of our client who trusted us to help them to save costs.

Passenger cars transportation truck has V-shape 6-cylinders engine, like most Mersedes Actros do, with comparatively small power 360h.p.

Passenger cars transportation truck normally has very compact composition and for place available for CNG cylinders installation we have to dismount one of diesel fuel tank.

Main ECU and injectors controller were installed in ordinary way, at the cabin front, for better cooling by air flow.


CNG pressure regulator was installed in convenient for regulation place, no need to lift a cabin. Injectors were installed close to air intake in order to decrease CNG hose length.


Substitution coefficient was 65%, cost saving 4 rubles (0.08USD) per 1 km. You can find more detailed tests result in another article. отдельной статье.