Dual-fuel passenger car transportation truck Mercedes Actros: test result.

First tests were conducted with 14 tons load, second without load.

Diesel fuel consumption was measured by electronic meter at client’s fueling station, CNG consumption by analog manometer and simple calculation.

When with full load, truck has consumed 50,5L of diesel fuel in diesel-only regime and 17L of diesel fuel plus 40nm3 of CNG in dual-fuel regime.

Without load truck has consumed 42L of diesel fuel in diesel-only regime and 15L of diesel fuel plus 34nm3 of CNG in dual-fuel regime.
Substitution coefficient was 66,3% with load and 64,3% without.
Average for whole test 100km consumption (i.e. 50% with load, 50% without) was 36,4L in diesel-only regime and 12,5L plus 29,1nm3 in dual-fuel regime. 1 km mileage cost was 12,2 rubles (0,24USD) in diesel-only regime and 8,2rubles (0,16USD) in dual-fuel regime (1L of diesel per 33,5rubles = 0,67USD, 1nm3 of CNG 13,95rubles = 0,28USD).

 Cost saving was 4 rubles (0,08 USD) per 1km. Average substitution coefficient 65,2%  

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