Dual-fuel passenger car transportation truck Mercedes Actros: test result.

First tests were conducted with 14 tons load, second without load. Diesel fuel consumption was measured by electronic meter at client’s fueling station, CNG consumption by analog manometer and simple calculation. When with full load, truck has consumed 50,5L of diesel fuel in diesel-only regime and 17L of diesel fuel plus 40nm3 of CNG in […]

Dual-fuel Mersedes Actros tests while sand transportation.

Transportation route: From the career close to Ignatovo village (Dmitrov highway and ring road A107 crossing) To concrete factory in Dolgoprudny town Distance: 85,6km. Relief: hilly with steep and long ascents and descends. Career exit is extremely steep ascent without hard-surface pavement. Around 10 traffic lights. Full distance total time 3-4 hours. CNG consumption was […]