Dual fuel Mercedes Actros and Axor for transportation of construction materials

Building materials bulk load transportation using tractor trucks in conjunction with dump trailers becomes even more popular because results in cost saving comparing with ordinary dump-trucks.

Our client uses Mersedes Actros for sand and broken stones transportation. Truck has following features:

  • Extremely big roadtrain weight: more than 70tons which leads to extremely high diesel fuel consumption: 60-80L per 100km
  • Automatic gearbox
  • V-shape engine
  • Full 6×4 wheel drive

Another client’s truck, Mersedes Axor has 4×2 wheel drive, so it works in comparatively easier conditions, in careers with smoother exit, but it also has extremely big full weight in 45-50 tons.

For dual-fuel conversion we used universal 24 V TRIOL convertion kit ( see special article ).

Test results are here

Main ECU and injectors control unit are installed in front of the cabin, for better cooling by airflow.


High-performance CNG supply system provides up to 100nm3 of CNG per hour.


Dual-fuel Actros at CNG fueling station, CNG storage total capacity is 150nm3


Pictures and brief for Mersedes Axor:

Dual-fuel Axor waiting loading in the sand career.


Axor disregarding its elder brother Actos has moderate consumption that’s why CNG storage system was made using cheaper (but heavier) type-1 cylinders. 4 cylinders 108L each contains 110nm3 of CNG.