How to choose the PAGT

Autor – Abakumov Alexey.

I was inspired to write this article after typical conversation with one of our customers. It looked something like “Do you know that the company XXX has the PAGT with capacity of 5000 Nm3  for over 8 million RUR.” Some clients are not lazy and make even a table of comparative characteristics of the PAGT proposed from different manufacturers that prove conclusively that the future is bright and beautiful))) In general I’m tired of repeating 100 times the same thing about the requirements to the technical specifications and to PAGT permit documentation and decided to summarize our experience in writing.

1. Permit documentation

Do I need a PTS (the passport of technical means)? In all cases, except PAGT installation in a container, according to GOST – definitely YES.

Retelling you the story by words  received during consultation in MADI (The Moscow State Automobile and Road Technical University). Let’s start with the fact that PAGZ a special vehicle, and also high risk. Excuses to the traffic police like: “it is my trailer and I carry what I want” – don’t work since in PTS specified purposes for each vehicle (for example: milk transport, cement transport, etc.). What about carrying of all sorts of consumer goods? And then the key question in cell attachment, if the cylinders are rigidly and detachably attached to a semi-trailer you are welcome for a new PTS in the traffic police.

An exception of the rules – is transportation of the standard containers by container semi-trailer. It is designed specially for it and that’s why this way you won’t need to change PTS. PAGT production of RAGSK Ltd. assembled in a standard 40 ft. container and don’t need a new PTS in contrast to any other PAGT competitors.

Certificates and permissions to use.

It seems to be clear Rostehnadzor – approval of a type, permission to use and GOST R. On cylinders more then 100L individual registration in Rostechnadzor. But even here there are some nuances – always ask for certificates for all the stuffing and not only on the cylinders but above all on the piping (valve, distribution pipes, etc.). Here is the point half of the range of such equipment does not support such pressure and import isn’t certified.  All valves installed in a quiet and if something happens guess who will be responsible for it? In PAGT from RAGSK Ltd. certified each bolt. We are thinking about your safety))

2.  Compliance of the road train with PAGT to Technical Regulations for Vehicles.

You are not going to buy PAGT which will be staying on the stand as the monument to tank T_34, and it should ride as the road train on public roads. According to this our first question is how we will carry it? The required axle configuration for gas carriers from technical regulations  is 6×4. European requirements (they are also the requirements of common sense) to power trains – no less than 8 hp per ton weight of train. For the 40 tons of not less than 320 HP, for not less than 44 tons 352 hp! Existing gas truck from KAMAZ and RARITEK is totally 260 hp and doesn’t fit (when starting up the hill clutch will be a one-off). So the only option for now is a European diesel 6×4 what is not just a an exotic, it’s a very expensive exotic. But RAGSK Ltd. has already completed certification of Shanxi gas truck 6×4 380 hp  and can offer you the best option.

It is necessary not to forget about matching the height of the saddle chosen vehicle and PAGT. By the way, we can supply Shanxi with air suspension on virtually any height on the saddle.

In general after you have decided on the composition of the road train (tractor + semitrailer or trailer + PAGT) start thinking about the maximum weight of 44 tons decidable for the container type, and 40 tons for all others. The most important thing about the load on the axle! The case is individual and requires a calculation, and it turns out that if you get from 5000 Nm3 just 3000Nm3 that will be good)) Also an advice it is necessary to provide a reserve for the axle load along the axis of at least 5%. At the traffic police is a good habit to put the control scales with accuracy + some percent.

3. The performance specifications

It is very important for the operation how your PAGT is made.  Imagine that you have something wrong with a semi-trailer (well, there spring burst).  Your actions? Ideally you should be able without removing anything in PAGT separate semi-trailer and PAGT simply removing PAGT from semi-trailer with crane or hydraulic jacks. And if  all is very bad (on the range of 500 km there is nobody to help and no hydraulic jack? Then PAGT should be disassembled to sections which can be dismounted by the available means of a small-scale mechanization. PAGT from RAGSK Ltd. can be removed from the semi-trailer in 20 minutes by any standard way for container handling. Weight of the biggest demountable section is about 3.5 tons, which allows in an extreme cases quite easily to dismount the PAGT using available tools.

The number of sections on which PAGT is divided – depends on the PAGT coefficient of discharge, rate of emptying and energy efficiency in the use of booster compressor. It is 6 sections in PAGT from RAGSK Ltd.


Of course it’s you to decide Dear customers! But if  we could find the decent solution on the market which corresponding to all the permits and convenient to use, we wouldn’t have been tormented with the design and manufacturing of our own PAGT.

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  1. Добрый день!

    Уважаемые Господа! Мы, в рамках региональной программы по переводу автотранспорта на использование метана в качестве моторного топлива, разрабатываем проект по реализации данной программы. Перебрали множество различных вариантов, остановились на Пензенском ООО “Компрессор”. Но ставить несколько АГНКС выходит накладно, да денег никто так сразу на сеть АГНКС не дает. Принцип следующий: “Вы покажите на примере, а там решим”
    В связи с этим решили попробовать применение ПАГЗов.
    На выпускаемой Вами продукции возможно: 1)перевозить КПГ; 2) использовать в качестве резервуаров на бескомпрессорных пунктах заправки; 3) нужен ли для заправки ваших ПАГЗов компрессор, или он является АКТИВНЫМ, т.е. достаточно “трубы”.
    Хотелось бы взглянуть на Ваш ПРАЙС ЛИСТ.
    Ждем Вашего ответа.
    С уважением Президент Фонда “ПРЕОДОЛЕНИЕ” Назим Магомедович Мутаилов

    1. Доброго дня дорогие коллеги !

      Вы мыслите абсолютно правильно. В настоящее время строительство АГНКС находится в замкнутом круге. “Нет АГНКС – нет газомоторонго транспорта, нет газомоторного ранспорта – нет АГНКС”. Причем строительство одной АГНКС дело достаточно бессмысленное, нужно строить сразу сеть. Европейская норма – 50 км. сетка. Причем загрузка в первый год вряд ли превысит 25% по сети, и далее будет нарастать достаточно плавно. Так же Вы наверное заметили, что в смете на АГНКС главное не стоимость компрессора, а вопросы подключения к трубе и электричеству, согласований и земли.
      Разорвать этот замкнутый круг и призвана концепция миниАГНКС ( иногда их называют мобильные АГНКС ) Подробнее об этом есть в презентации на странице

      Наш ПАГЗ может быть как пассивным так и активным, вопрос в К опорожнения. Относительно цены сообщаю Вам, что наш ПАГЗ существенно превосходит продукцию конкурентов на баллонах РЕАЛ-ШТОРМ по главной характеристики – стоимости хранения 1 нм3 газа. Конкретные предложения я Вам вышлю в личку.

  2. Уважаемый Алексей Михайлович!
    Догадываюсь с кем Вы разговаривали))))
    Спасибо огромное за так четко структурированную информацию.
    Надеюсь на продолжение сотрудничества.
    С уважением

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