RAGSK participated in Adam Smith conference “NGV in Russia”

We think it was the most interesting NGV event of 2013. There were outstanding presentations on the subject of gas engine-building by international companies AVL, BOSH and Woodward. The speakers believe that traditional diesel engines have come to a point where they can no longer develop, due to the toxicity of their emissions.



EURO-5 and the introduction of EURO-6 will significantly lower the fuel efficiency and service reliability of prospective diesels, as the cost of initial acquisition and subsequent use will dramatically increase. Taking into account the fact that the population continues to grow, and Russia’s increasing urbanisation, there is no doubt that there will be more standards after EURO-6 and that ecological legislation will become even stricter.There can only be one response to this — a gradual switch to vehicles that run on natural gas. But even they do not currently have ideal technical solutions that would meet the proposed standards, with the exception of methane-hydrogen composites. Russian speakers also gave high-quality presentations. Most interesting were those by the Head of NAMI Boris Kisulenko on the legislation and standardisation of gas motor transport, and by the new but extremely advanced company Eco-Alliance, which develops catalysts for gas motor vehicles.
RAGSK’s presentation was delivered by Alexey Abakumov. This presentation can be found below: