Universal dual-fuel conversion kit TRIOL operation principles.

Universal dual-fuel conversion kit TRIOL is based at proven and reliable accelerator pedal sensor (PPS) emulation principle.

Let us explain this principle using following example:
Driver presses accelerator pedal in full, at that pedal sensor generates 4,5V signal to diesel ECU. Dual-fuel control unit intercepts this signal and changes it to 2,5V signal (exactly this is called “emulation”), which results in diesel ECU receiving 2,5V as max value interprets as accelerator pedal is pressed about a half instead of full and provides 50% of maximum power supply instead of full throttle.


Other 50% of energy required for speed up provides natural gas.

Certainly it is very simplified explanation, the most complex problem is to define exact emulation percentage and appropriate natural gas supply at every moment, depending on various external parameters. It is one of the task of our TRIOL control unit, the core of TRIOL conversion kit.