Saratov-Moscow trip at Mersedes Actros 430 h.p. test report.

Distance from the town Petrovsk (Saratov Region) to city of Moscow is 760km, load margarine 20tons. Terrain: first half steep hills, second half plain.
Methane consumption was measured by digital sensor – a part of our Triol system. Diesel consumption was measured by fueling station dispensers and length bar.


Petrovsk-Moscow, logged data:

146987km: Petrovsk, start. 236 atm.
147 114km: Penza, CNG station, CNG 105 atm. before and 200 atm after fueling.
147 119km: Penza, diesel measurement: left tank 227L + right 115L = 342L
147 353кмkm: Umet, diesel fueling station, left tank 195L + right 96 = 291L, +300L fueled in.
Diesel fuel consumption in dual-fuel regime: (342-291)/(147 353-147 119) = 21,7L/100km
147 397km: CNG finish, pressue 12atm. Total mileage in dual-fuel regime: 147 397 – 147 114= 283km, CNG consumption 94nm3/283 = 33nm3/100km
147 407km: diesel measurement: left tank 199L + right 342L = 541L
Diesel fuel consumption in dual-fuel regime: (291 +300-541)/(147 407-147 119) = 17,3L/100km (not taking into account last 10km at diesel only)
147 578km: Riazan, diesel measurement 465L
Diesel fuel consumption in diesel only regime: : (541-465)/(147 578-147 407) = 44,4L/100km


At the measurement distance diesel consumption at dual-fuel regime was 17L/100km while at diesel only 44L. Substitution coefficient 61%, CNG consumption 33nm3 = 1,22 gas coefficient (1L DF is substituted by 1,22 nm3). Saving 4,62 RUR per 1km (DF 33 RUR per liter, CNG 13 RUR per nm3) 

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