GAZEL NEXT ( Cummins ISF 2.8 ) dual-fuel system test result (CNG)

All tests were conducted in a natural way, at the real vehicle with our dual-fuel system installed. Our test vehicle is Russian light-duty truck GAZelle NEXT with elongated europlatform and tent, CUMMINS ISF 2.8 engine.


Dual-fuel controller TRIOL Common rail developed by our company for common rail diesel engines, pressure regulator and injectors by HANA. Supplied second fuel –

CNG (100% methane)

We conduct tests at night time in order to avoid traffic jams and keep similar moving condition, at the highway outside of city (Moscow ring road-50km of Kievskoye shosse – return), average speed 80km/hr

We measure diesel fuel consumption by two ways: using GPS metering system and also by direct measurement: at the start we have full fuel tank and after test we add fuel by 1-liter jar. Basic method is direct measurement, we use GPS system for on-the-test monitoring only and analysis.

GPS metering system for diesel fuel consumption and CNG pressure&temperature monitoring

Так выглядит GPS система контроля расхода ДТ и давления газа

Common rail tests results:

Initial point: with vehicle even and continuous moving with the speed 80km/hr in diesel-only regime our GAZelle always consumes 11,8L per 100km of diesel fuel

No-load test: GAZell without load, dual-fuel regime, speed 80km/hr consumes 2,8-3L of diesel and 9nm3 of CNG, giving us 75% of substitution coefficient.
With Russian prices of diesel fuel 33rubles/L and CNG 13 rubles/nm3 we saved 1,74 rubles per 1 km or 45% of whole fuel expenses. You can calculate your saving yourself using diesel and CNG prices of your country.

Load test: . GAZelle was loaded in full, a little more than 1,5tons. Tests were conducted at Moscow-Tula highway, around 180km one way trip. Moving regime: like a real driving, sometimes speed was 130km/hr, overtaking under convenient conditions. Diesel regime consumption was 17,7L/100km at the way to Tula. At the way back we tried to keep similar driving conditions, diesel consumption was 7L/100km and CNG 11nm3/100km, which gives us 60% of substitution coefficient. Saving is 2,1ruble per 1km or 35% of total fuel expenses.
City test: . no loaded GAZelle moved at Moscow ring road under high traffic jams (8 points of 10), consumption was 12,6L/100km in diesel-only regime and 5L/100km diesel +8nm3 CNG in dual-fuel regime, which gives us 60% of substitution coefficient. Saving was 1,4 rubles/1km or 35% of total fuel expenses.