Dual-fuel Mersedes Actros tests while sand transportation.

Transportation route: From the career close to Ignatovo village (Dmitrov highway and ring road A107 crossing) To concrete factory in Dolgoprudny town Distance: 85,6km. Relief: hilly with steep and long ascents and descends. Career exit is extremely steep ascent without hard-surface pavement. Around 10 traffic lights. Full distance total time 3-4 hours. CNG consumption was […]

Test results for SCANIA P380 — dual-fuel mining dump-truck

Two tests were conducted: first in order to demonstrate Triol system capabilities, second – in order to estimate dual-fuel influence to engine durability. At both tests Scania performed round trip coal-preparation plant-mine-coal preparation plant. First leg was without load, at the mine truck was loaded by coal and then trip back. 2 legs length is […]

Dual-fuel long-haulage Scania R380 test report.

Test was performed at the legs Saint-Petersburg – Moscow – Saint-Petersburg round trip. Scania was loaded by container trailer with 40’ container and 3 ton load inside at first leg and no load while coming back. Outside temperature 0…3 degrees, trip period 11-13.12.2014, trip full length 1462km Client company representative was present in cockpit throughout […]


GAZEL NEXT ( Cummins ISF 2.8 ) dual-fuel system test result (CNG)

ll tests were conducted in a natural way, at the real vehicle with our dual-fuel system installed. Our test vehicle is Russian light-duty truck GAZelle NEXT with elongated europlatform and tent, CUMMINS ISF 2.8 engine. Dual-fuel controller TRIOL Common rail developed by our company for common rail diesel engines, pressure regulator and injectors by HANA. […]