Dual fuel Scania R380 long-haulage trucks

This Scania dual-fuel story have begun more than year ago, in August 2013, when Saint-Petersburg logistic company Greenway have decided to start long-term dual fuel pilot project for long haul heavy duty tracks.

This time we did no have our own dual fuel solution so we decided to install Polish Blue Power dual fuel conversion kit. After one year of pilot testing average substitution coefficient was 20-30%, it did not satisfy both us and client. So we have installed our in-house developed dual-fuel conversion kit Triol.

Short vechicle description
Engine DC12, 6 cyl inline
Power 380 HP
Axle configuration 6х4
Full weight 44,000 kg

Our tractor truck works at Moscow -Saint-Petersburg highroad, with 2 conveniently situated CNG fueling stations (Tver close to highroad at the middle almost, Petersburg close to highroad beginning and quite fortunately close to fleet base. There also 3 more CNG fueling station, one at Novgorod, 200km from Peterburg, 20km off and 2 more at Moscow ring road, huge traffic jams.

Average consumption when diesel only was 35L per 100km, with 60% of substitution new diesel consumption becomes 14L and CNG consumption 23nm3

Gas storage system.
Triol system brief description.
Tests results.
Economic effect and payback time