Commercially available, series-produced diesel engine types which we can convert to CNG

Engine type Power, h.p Pistons/ volume,liters Fuel Emission class before/after conversion
KAMAZ 740.31-240 240 8 /10,85 100% CNG Euro-2/Euro-4
Deitroit Diesel 420 6 /15 100% CNG Euro-2/Euro-4
Ashok Leyland H6E4S123 180 6 / 5,7 100% CNG Euro4 with carbamide /Euro4
YAMZ-236 M2 180 6 /11,1 100% CNG Euro-0/Euro-4
YAMZ-7511.10-02 400 8 /14,8 100% CNG Euro-2/Euro-4
Ashok Leyland Neptune 320 6 шт/8,1 100% CNG Euro4 with carbamide /Euro4
Scania DSC1205L01 420 6 /15,6 50% CNG + 50% diesel fuel Euro-2/Euro-2
Cummins EQB 210-20 210 6 / 5,8 100% CNG Euro-2/Euro-4
Cat 12 430 6 / 12 100% CNG Euro-3/Euro-4
Cummins ISF 2.8 210 4 / 2,8 50% CNG + 50% diesel fuel Euro-4
Our clients experience. Exploitation of equipped with our engines vehicles.
Volgograd CNG 100%

In October 2013 PATP-7 (Volgograd city public bus company) started to use 12 CNG “Ritmix” buses equipped with our CNG engines converted from Ashoka HINO. Our company except engine supply installed CNG equipment also.

It is too early to discuss engine durability, but quite possible to calculate cost saving. Diesel fuel cost is 30 rub (0,94USD) per liter, CNG cost is 11 rub (0,35 USD) per nm3. CNG is stored in 3 cylinders with total volume of 75nm3, enough for 380-400 km run in urban regime, that means 18nm3/100km consumption (taking into account cylinder discharge up to 7-9 bar) or 198 rub (6,2 USD) of 100km cost respectively

The same Ritmix equipped with original diesel Ashoka Hino has consumption 19L/100KM of diesel fuel, or 570 rub (17,8 USD) of 100km cost respectively. So in this way cost saving per 100km is 372 rub (11,6USD), annual saving is 300-400 thousands rub (9,3 – 12,5 thousands USD) .

St-Petersburg , dual-fuel

In August 2013 logistic department of Greenway company started to use tractor truck SCANIA R380 converted for CNG usage in dual-fuel mode. This truck performs regular deliveries of 40’ containers, up to 23 ton net weight form St-Petersburg to Moscow

At the tests in working regime during regular delivery loaded vehicles showed consumption 43,9 L /100km of diesel fuel in diesel mode only (dual-fuel system was switched off at first route leg). In dual-fuel mode 100km consumption was 28,07L of diesel fuel and 5,5 nm3 of CNG. In this way cost saving for each 100km is equal: 43,6 Lx 30 rub – (28,07L x 30 rub + 5,5 x 12,3 rub) = 397 rub (12,4 USD)
Annual cost saving is 400-480 thousands rub (13,7 thousands USD). CNG is stored in 3 CNG cylinders with total volume 100nm3, which is more than enough for round trip with 2 CNG fueling station available