Dual-fuel partnership

Dear friends, we propose you to become our partner in dual-fuel engines world. No need to buy expensive equipment, just ordinary CNG conversion facility with couple of skilled professionals is more than enough for the start.

Main advantage of our company: we are ready to share our knowledge with you: dual-fuel engines basics, our equipment installation, various engine calibration, doubtful points in installation and service – our accumulated know-hows and experience will be in your disposition (if you are the novice so please look at dual-fuel basics here).

Oh, and least but not the last: our equipment really works with announced saving parameters: presently substitution coefficient is 60% (see tests results), sometimes can be up to 75%.

Our calibration software combines power and simple design. (see screenshots with explanations).

And our TRIOL M conversion kit costs is quite competitive and can really surprise you.

At the chapter “Technical support” you can find a lot of tutorials, including installation schemes for various vehicle type and tutorial videos kind of “how to screw valves in cylinders” and high-pressure pipes montage ( see full list here, available for partners ).

You can find full information about our dual-fuel kits here by direct links:

Would you become interested and decide to become our partner, so please read an article: How to start installation of TRIOL dual-fuel conversion kit.

I want to become a partner! I want to become a partner!