CNG Cylinders

Metal-composite cylinders type 2:

Now you can purchase type 2 metal-composite CNG cylinders by reasonable price.



Cylinders are manufactured by one of airspace Chinese company according to our specifications.

Cylinders testing and type approving including certificate issuing was performed by MASHTEST company, unquestionably number one in the industry. Tests reports can be presented if required. Certificate copy you can see at our web-site chapter – “About us-“Certificates”-“Equipment”

Cylinders have accomplished weight/volume ratio – 0,77kg/liter. For example, weight of 145L cylinder is 111kg only.

Cylinders quality is at first for us. Disregarding other importers, we provide 100% cylinders quality control at manufacturers facilities. Having passing whole standard out-from-the-factory procedure according to Chinese regulations enhanced by our additional demands based on Russian regulation, we also perform blind test: we choose randomly 3 cylinders from each 200 cylinders batch and do additional blowing pressure tests and cyclic tests.

Normally cylinders withstand up to 700bar pressure. Below is a picture of cylinder after the test, please pay attention to chipping and fragments absence.

Баллоны после гидравлических испытаний на предельное давление


You can order cylinders with following parameters:


Working pressure 20MPa. Hydraulic volumes: 50,60,70,75,80,90,100,110,120,145L. Available diameters: 279,325,356,406mm


Seamless metal CNG cylinders (type 1).

We present seamless full-metal CNG cylinders of type 1, which are made from high-quality Cr-Mo steel.
Weight/volume ratio vary from 0,9to 1,1 kg/liter in dependence on diameter and working pressure.
Disregarding relatively higher weight, type 1 cylinder are widely used at CNG vehicles when installed under the bottom and mounted at the vehicle frame.



You can order cylinders with following parameters:


Working pressure 20MPa and 25MPa. Hydraulic volumes: 50,60,70,75,80,90,100,110,120,145,167L. Available diameters: 279,325,356,406mm