Portable gas tanker

Portable automobile gas tankers (PAGT) are an important element in ensuring the overall development of infrastructure, transportation and consumption of compressed natural gas (CNG). PAGT should be used as autonomous CNG filling stations for refueling of field-based CNG gas stations or transport on CNG fuel.

Specifications of PAGT are critical for economically sound. We decided to develop our own PAGT after we haven’t found any looked like variant during analysis of  Russian and World market.

What should the buyer know before  buying PAGT (licensing documentation and technical requirements) read here.

Main idea of using the standart 40DC container caused primarily because the current technical regulations for the transport allows increased to 44 tonnes total weight of tractor-lorry-trailer combination only for the transportation of 40DC and 40 HQ containers. Advantages of 40-foot container as a standard item of equipment are undeniable and obvious. The second idea of use of standart balloons Type-2. At the moment the procedure of development of PAGT is on the stage of design. The term of commercial availability (including the time for certification) – the end of 2012 year.

The preliminary cost – 6,5 mln. RUR with VAT (without the cost of the trailer and the truck tractor).

Preliminary technical specifications of PAGT

This is box title
Parameter Value
Overall dimensions Standart 40DC container
Full veight of PAGT container 28 tonnes
Number of cylinders 170 pc. х 140 liters
The full hydraulic volume 23,800 liters
Operating pressure 20 MPa
The total volume of transported gas 4760 nm3
Coefficient of discharge 0,9

A schematic drawing of the  PAGT