Naberezhniye Chelny: 100 CNG buses NEFAZ sorrow experience.

City of Naberezhniye Chelny, Tatarstan have implemented new CNG NEFAZ buses using CNG as key demand in tendering of city routes between private buses owners.
City mayor quite positive intention lead in a troubles:
1. Private bus owners have nothing to do but purchase new NEFAZ (produced by Tatarstan’s well-known KAMAZ factory), when CNG NEFAZ price exceed diesel one up to 30%
2. CNG NEFAZ has doubtful quality: few engines need to be replaced because of pistons melted resulted in overheating.
3. Bus owners started a war against city government charging them in courts under the pretext of unlawful tender conditions and demanding either diesel coming back or tariffs increasing,.
4. City government rely on Federal government and President demands of implementing of 50% city CNG buses in 3 years period and don’t want to give up.
5. So far so bad: the war first result is only 20-30 CNG NEFAZes at the city streets.