Composition of gas-diesel set ‘TRIOL’ Simple version

Component name Trademark Country of Origin Quantity
Reducer with shut-off valve 24 Volt for high pressure pipe 6 mm Tomasetto China 1
Rail injectors IG2 Namur II 12V 4 pieces RAIL Italy 1
Combined MAP sensor (pressure and temperature) gas CNGG China 1
Platinum flue gas temperature sensor CNGG China 1
Mode switches СЗР Russia 2
Reducer temperature sensor CNGG China 1
High pressure gauge with sensor/td>

CNGG China 1
Fuses CNGG China 2
Indicator of operating modes and gas residues in cylinders CNGG China 1
Cable harness TRIOL Russia 1
ECU TRIOL Russia 1


Short description

Gas-diesel set “TRIOL” in a simplified version provides a replacement of 50-60% and gas supply up to 10-15 nm3 per hour. Suitable for engines up to 200 HP. It features a very low price and easy installation.


Detailed description of gas-diesel set ‘TRIOL’
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