Dual-fuel conversion kit TRIOL CR operation principles.

Up-to-date dual-fuel conversion kit TRIOL CR is based at common rail fuel pressure direct control principle.

Let us explain this principle using following example: Let us assume driver presses accelerator pedal in full, requesting maximum fuel available, at that diesel ECU increases fuel pressure up to the maximum (1800bar for example), but our TRIOL CR control unit release this pressure down to 1000bar by direct control of special purpose valve. In this way engine enters only 50% fuel comparing with full throttle.

Other 50% of energy required for speed up provides natural gas.

Certainly it is very simplified explanation, the most complex problem is to define exact pressure decreasing value and appropriate natural gas supply at every moment, depending on various external parameters. It is one of the task of our TRIOL CR control unit, the core of TRIOL CR conversion kit.

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