100% CNG

We search partners for cooperation in diesel engines conversion to 100% CNG full cycle,

  • Engine deinstallation and disassembling
  • Fuel system disassembling
  • Piston milling in accordance to our drawings
  • Spark ignition system, control system, CNG injection system installation
  • Engine assembling and installation
  • CNG cylinders, pressure regulator, CNG tubes and fittings installation and checking
We can supply full conversion kits specially designed for the engines we have converted before. Actual list of engines you can find in the chapter “About us/References”.

We can also supply non-expensive CNG cylinders (please see details at the chapter “Products/Other/Cylinders”


Cost of conversion kits for diesel engines to 100% CNG conversion using our techlogy:

Conversion kits qty 1 шт 5 шт 10 шт 50 шт 100 шт
Price $ $5000 $4800 $4500 $4000 $3500

We can develop conversion kit for the engine we have not converted before, would you decide to place an order.