Dual fuel FORD truck tractor 460 HP

FORD tractor trucks are equipped with up-to-date IVECO CURSOR 10 engine 460 hp with variable turbine. TRIOL M HDM-5 dual-fuel conversion kit (12/24V, 5 bar) was installed at this vehicle.

Installation was performed by our partners from Aksai (Rostov region).

As you can see at the pictures below, workmanship is of the high quality.


Cylinder installation is quite precise, there is corrugated plating is mounted above cylinder module for convenience while operation.


EGT sensor is installed close to the turbine, which guarantees precise and quick data acquisition.


EGT thermocouple measures temperature difference between ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ parts, for better measurement precision it is necessary to keep ‘cold’ part under more less the same temperature while our system working. At the picture below you can see sensor ‘cold’ part binding to engine cooling system hose.


Reducer and external cut-off valve installation.

It is rather early to report cost saving, calibration is not finished yet.

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