Obama’s groundbreaking initiatives for the development of CNG market in the USA

On March 10, 2012 the President of USA Barak Abama visited the plant of Daimler Trucks North America in Mount Holly, North Carolina. The main purpose of his visit was to demonstrate the intention of the U.S. federal government to encourage increased environmental safety of municipal vehicles. Turning to local officials President Obama said: “If you promise to buy for your city better cars, no matter on which type of fuel they work – electricity, biofuels or natural gas – we can help you to cut through red tape and to build the gas station near”.

President Obama has pledged one billion dollars for the construction of fueling infrastructure, the elimination of regulatory barriers to the provision of local benefits to create a “critical mass” of environmentally friendly cars. Obama said he expects 10 – 15 municipalities will be ready to claim the role of model cities, landfills, which in the process of implementation of the Program “fuel neutral” (i.e. fuel which doesn’t adversely impact on the environment) should be found an answer that is actually better for the municipalities: electricity, natural gas or other alternative fuels.

As part of this program is supposed to organize five regional corridors for long-haul LNG trains with gas trucks Freightliner M2-112 and M2-114SD. Daimler Trucks North America is a partner in “Super Truck” initiative of U.S. Department of Energy. The project’s objective is that by 2015 efficiency of the main vehicles will increase by 50%. These cars takes about only  only 4% share of the national fleet, but they consume 20% of motor fuel (not less than six million tons of fuel oil per year)!

The main motive of the Obama Administration in the introduction of alternative energy is to reduce U.S. dependence on imported oil and gas supplies. Hence the desire to increase the national production of hydrocarbons, increase energy production from renewable sources. President Obama also proposes to increase state support for the production of “clean” energy by reducing the annual four billion dollars in subsidies to oil companies. “I want our Congress stop infusion in the oil industry, which has never been so profitable, and started to invest in clean energy, which has never been more promising.” – Said the President of the United States.

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