Putin wants to change GOST’s for CNG cylinders

Vladimir Putin arrived on February 18 in Krasnoyarsk from Novosibirsk, where he worked before, to participate in the meeting of the Expert Council of the Agency Strategic Initiatives (ASI) under the KEF.

The Agency was established on the initiative of Prime Minister as a communication platform between business and government, one of the main objectives is to support business projects.

Earlier about goals of the work of this structure within the ninth of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum was said by Deputy Governor of Krasnoyarsk Territory Andrei Gnezdilov. According to him, “tasks that solves the agency is to promote strategic initiatives in business, professional training of personnel, youth policy, modernization of the social sphere.”

Владимир Путин прилетел в Красноярск

Vladimir Putin after all arrived to Krasnoyarsk. Along with him came Finance Minister Anton Siluanov and the presidential envoy in the Siberian Federal District Viktor Tolokonsky, and other distinguished guests.

Putin’s visit brought back required “status” to KEF.

Under the council meeting was taken the areas in MVDC Siberia, where even before were held round-table forum . The room was arranged, press center with broadcast of what is happening behind the wall, and equipped with an exhibition of projects ASI.

CEO of Nizhny Novgorod “Autocomponent” Yuri Belyaev told about the project for the production of gas cylinders of composite material – transparent, non-corrosive. The problem, as usual, was in the old GOST and for their modification businessmen appealed to the ASI. Putin said the issue of funding – Belyaev, in response, promised only on the first step to invest 3.5 million euros. He added that “the sample of the cylinder is in the hall.”

“Yuri, how much the tank weighs?”, – Said the prime minister. Yuri assured that the tank weighs a little, and gave the woman to hold the sample in the hall. As a result, experts Board unanimously supported the project.

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